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Maternal One-on-One and Group Support

Group Therapy has been found to be as impactful as individual therapy with the additional benefit of finding kinship with others in similar situations. When facilitated properly, it can provide a safe space for healing and be an agent for finding your community. 


Currently I am offering two groups, and if interested in signing up, reach out to me to discuss details. If you're not sure what kind of support would be best, I'm happy to guide you to the right section. 

Reclaiming the Postpartum Self

A therapeutic creative writing group to process and explore the changes in self and life postpartum. No prior writing experience is required. This group provides an opportunity to tap into your creativity and reframe your experience from the lens of a hero in a story you get to author.

This group has received overwhelmingly positive feedback and has been selected to be presented at the 2022 Postpartum Support International conference.


Reimagining the Construct of Mother

This is a psychodrama group that uses play and improv to process and build skills around the issues that come up for women in the perinatal period. No prior acting or "improv" experience is needed- life is dramatic as is.

In this group we use dramatic tools to identify, process, and try out current issues that are happening in our lives as women and mothers. This group is dynamic, supportive, and meant to challenge you to get out of your comfort zone.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Attendees must be either Pregnant or within 2 Years Postpartum

  • Groups run 8 Sessions

  • Cost: $600

  • All groups limited to 8 spots

  • All groups are virtual and not recorded

  • If session is missed,  we can schedule short meeting to go over material  One-on-One (Limited  to 2 missed sessions) 

  • All content of groups is confidential. In the event that a participant is triggered and in need of support, Maya will provide additional individual time to process. You will not be left open and frayed.


"I wanted to edit and leave out some but have learned from our time together to put things out there no matter what my feelings or fears tell me so I have decided to include them all. Thank you for everything you have done and taught me about myself by facilitating this."

Group Attendee Winter '22

"This honestly was the highlight of my week. I laughed and cried and laughed some more and felt supported by the group...When women come together and share their honest experience, magic happens."

Group Attendee Fall '21

"I had no idea that I contained such richness. I feel like I have rediscovered myself and 

am excited about what is to come. I had long sensed that motherhood stripped me of my personhood and this was a reminder that I am very much still here"

Group Attendee Winter '22

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